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Friday | October 14, 2016 @6:45pm- 8:00pm

Women Empowerment Sessions 


Dr. Mary Webster Moore  
Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Education, Emerita

Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois.

Dr. Moore has been a lifelong educator.  She began her teaching career at the age of 20, and retired in 2015 after 41 years as a formal educator of youth and adults.  She began as a middle school mathematics teacher; she has also been a district level administrator and an elementary principal.  She began her college teaching career at Trinity Christian College in 1998.

Moore graduated from North Park College in Chicago with a BA in mathematics and secondary education in 1974.  She completed her master’s degree in religious education (MRE) in 1981 at the C. H. Mason Seminary, a part of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, and in 2011, completed a Ph.D. in mathematics education at Illinois State University, Bloomington-Normal., graduating with high honors.

Mother Dr. Moore has served on short-term mission projects and teams for over three decades.   She has traveled to 41 countries, in the South Seas, the West Indies, and on every continent except Antarctica, for missions, education, and for broadening her horizons.  Moore states, “When I relate my experiences to my students, it helps them realize that the world is bigger than their schools, their hometowns, and their local churches and beliefs. It hopefully enriches their lives in ways that will prepare them better to reach people who may not share their cultural and/or religious backgrounds and experiences.”

Mother Dr. Moore and her husband, James, are members of Freedom Temple COGIC, where Elder Billy Jermale Evans pastor and Bishop Cody V. Marshall is founder.



Men Empowerment Sessions 

Pastor Ledgure Herron Jr. is a man that loves God and loves Gods people.. Pastor Herron is a newly appointed Pastor leading a growing congregation & ministering to the beautiful community of Auburn Gresham on Chicago’s South Side. Pastor Ledgure is concerned about the hearts and overall being of God’s people, He’s a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus and try his best daily to exemplify Christ to everyone he meets. He’s a praiser, he’s a worshiper but just a man that loves God with his whole heart.



Friday | October 20, 2017 @ 8pm


Apostle Linda C. Shearrill D.D. 

Apostle Linda C. Shearrill D.D. became a member of Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church under the leadership of the late Apostle Richard D. Henton. She is currently a member of Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church under the leadership of Pastor Mark A. Henton. She has been with this ministry for over thirty seven years.

Dr. Shearrill is anointed to teach God’s word. She believes in the commission of our Lord and  Savior Jesus Christ “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel…,” but she also adheres to the promise of Christ, that He would leave us a comforter, which is the Holy Ghost…It is in this great commission that she is lead by the directing of the Holy Ghost in visions; and as Angelic Angels are present in the miracle crusades and during the anointed services. The Holy Ghost leads her as many miracle healings of all sorts occur within the services. It is her tremendous burden for the lost which consistently compels her to endlessly take on the commission of “Reaching the World for Christ.” Dr. Shearrill is known for her consistent but fervent “reliance upon the Holy Ghost” during each service and respectfully, a “life of prayer and humble submission” to God and the services of His people.

Armed with the Word of God and the encouragement of her pastor, Chief Apostle, Dr. Richard D. Henton; August 7, 1984 she became the Founder and Pastor of the International Deliverance Outreach Ministries, Inc, a Global Ministry Network. The ministry began in her home in a small residential area in Chicago, Illinois. The IDOM membership is currently represented by over 200 hundred families and continually growing. There are also many outreach programs within the ministry.   Apostle Linda C. Shearrill is the Presiding Prelate of International Global Association of Churches. She resides over churches throughout the Midwestern region of the United States, foreign counties which include South Africa and Uganda East Africa. She is also a member of the Joint College of Bishops. She is also the founder of Linda C Shearrill International Ministries.


Forty seven years of effective ministry service is represented with the current year 2016, while 32 years of Pastoral Services is clearly identified through this year also. The “golden” years of yesterday began Dr. Shearrill’s ministry in 1969 and with an “old fashioned” Bull Horn on the street corners of Chicago in the summer of 1970 with the age ole message “You Must Be Born Again!” The vision continues to unfold through media, reaching homes and businesses throughout Illinois and Indiana, she is heard weekly m-f 11:00am over WBGX 1570 am dial. This station can also be heard on the worldwide web: www.gospel1570.com. She is also heard over WMKM 1440 radio station Detroit, Michigan Mondays @ 1:30pm and m-f @ 6:15am also heard on worldwide web: www.gospel1440.com. She is now reaching the masses for Christ through International Radio World Wide Radio WWCR 10:15am Central Time MHZ and WINB 3:30pm ET 2:30CT. The Annual publication/newsletter “Last Days Outpour” is currently being mailed to the homes and offices of ministry partners and also to fellowship churches and ministries.


In an effort of “reaching the lost at any cost,” Dr. Shearrill travels extensively throughout the country and also into foreign lands, to minister the word of God and bringing the healing presence of Christ to God’s people. God uses her under a “prophetic anointing” with signs, wonders and miracles following. (See the book of Acts chapter 19 verse 11-12). There are literally hundreds of testimonies where tumors have disappeared, cancers have dissolved, and many other varying forms of diseases, illnesses and malfunctions having vanished without any systems or traces. Hundreds are being set free from drug addictions and abuse, while others are receiving Christ into their hearts as Lord and Personal Savior. Many Christian/Saints are receiving restoration, regeneration and revival of their Spiritual walk with God through God’s Awesome Power of reconciliation.


Dr. Shearrill holds her Bachelor degree in Biblical Studies from Logo Bible College International. September 27, 2008 she received her Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Hope Schools of Ministry Consortium South Bend, Indiana. She is also the recipient of the Apostle Award in 2006 by Apostle Richard D. Henton. She is also the recipient of the Award of Excellence for promoting international understanding of peace on September 17, 2010 from the Office of the City of Chicago Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas, Treasurer.

She published her book May 2010 The Manifested Healing Power of God. To obtain a copy go to Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com.


Apostle Shearrill was consecrated a Bishop August 15, 2003 by Apostle R.D. Henton and Bishop James H. Everett. Her confirmation to the office of Apostle was by Apostle Sylvester P. Brinson III, Apostle I.D. Harris, Apostle Yvonne Lee Wilson and Apostle Steven Pettis.



Sunday | October 22, 2017 @ 11:30am

Joseph R. Joyce, Sr. is Pastor and Founder of Harvest Time Worship Center Church of God in Christ which was established in 2005 and is a kingdom building, kingdom minded, growing and thriving ministry in Richton Park, Illinois near the Chicago land area. Pastor Joyce is an anointed vessel of God that has been given a charge to proclaim the gospel and the ministry of deliverance into the lives of people everywhere.

Pastor Joyce has been faithful to the ministry that God has called him to for over 22 years. As a result of his faithfulness he has been invited to preach in various cities, conferences, workshops and other venues. He has also had an opportunity to minister in Trinidad and Tobago.

Pastor Joyce has been an array of hope in the community. He has been invited to dedicate a park in the city of Richton Park, Illinois, and minister at Northern Illinois University and speak at Bloom High School to motivate At Risk students.

God has also allowed Pastor Joyce to be a Chaplain at the Cook County Jail. His mission is to reach people and change lives. He also serves in the Northern Illinois Jurisdiction under the Prelate of Bishop C.V. Marshall as a District YPWW President and actively serves on the Northern Illinois Finance Committee. Pastor Joyce has been married to his childhood sweetheart Sherita for over 20 years who works alongside with him in ministry. The couple has three children together. Pastor Joyce’s motto is: “People are our Passion and Praise is our Purpose.”



Sunday | October 22, 2017 @ 5:00pm

Superintendent Jeffery D. Hodges, Pastor

King of Glory Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C., Chicago, Illinois

Superintendent Jeffrey D. Hodges is the Pastor of the King of Glory Tabernacle Church of God in Christ in Chicago, Illinois.  He became pastor in 1997 after the demise of the founding pastor, Bishop Shepard Little.

Superintendent Hodges is a committed and dedicated man of God who believes in meeting the needs of all people.  Under his leadership, King of Glory Tabernacle has become “the church that meets the need”. Superintendent Jeffrey D. Hodges has instituted numerous programs, including a food pantry, community development programs, and two very successful organizations for youth:  the K.O.G Warriors and the Daughters of Destiny, as well as other projects designed to improve the church and the South Shore community. Superintendent Hodges is a consecrated man of God who can be found praying daily at 6:30 am. Superintendent Jeffrey D. Hodges fulfills the scripture, Psalms 37:23, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.”



Saturday | October 21, 2017 @ 10:30am – 12:30pm

Marriage Empowerment Session                                                            

Pastor Stephen & Prophetess Shaundra Bowen

Elder Stephen L. Bowen

Stephen L. Bowen was born in 1962 in the city of Chicago and is the 5th child out of 6 to the parents of Lucille Bowen and Madison Bowen.

He has deep roots in the Church Of God In Christ in which his parents and grandparents (Pastor James Bolden and Rosie Lee Bolden) were faithful members as well as ardent and dedicated supporters in the ministry and the founders of the New Jerusalem C.O.G.I.C.

As a child, he was taught the precepts of holiness in which he never strayed because of the fear of God that was heavily inculcated in him through biblical teachings, prayer, fasting, and constant church attendance impressed on him by his parents, grandparents, aunties, and uncles involved in the ministry.

Being active in all aspects of church and ministry, his first calling was in the music department at the age of 8 years old.  A prophet prophesied that he would play the piano/organ.  Immediately after that service, he was told to play a song on the organ and was shocked at how he figured out the perfect melody without never previously playing it before.

At the age of 15, he began a deeper interest and worked closely with his mother with the New Jerusalem choir.  Being impressed with his ability to give parts and teach songs, in 1981, Lucille Bowen made him her assistant and upon her death in 1987, he became the Minister of Music at the New Jerusalem C.O.G.I.C.  In the early 80s, Stephen L. Bowen wrote and recorded his first Song “He’s Every Thing To Me” on Elder Curtis Rogers’ State Sunday School Album.

In 2001, he received an ‘Elijah/Elisha’ type calling to preach the Gospel. Stephen L. Bowen once again struggled with the feelings of resistance to such a serious and heavy calling. He prayed feverishly with a prayer group for a direct answer.  The following Sunday, at a visiting church a Prophetess and Prophet (who did not know of the struggle within him to answer this calling) singled him out, spun him around, anointed him, prayed for him and declared: “YES, GOD SAID HE CHOSE YOU!  THIS SERVICE IS FOR YOU!” With tears, he accepted. The following year on August 2002, he was ordained in the Northern Illinois Jurisdiction by Bishop Cody V. Marshall.

His many years of faithful tutorship, service, and dedication in all facets at his local church, has positioned him as New Jerusalem C.O.G.I.C. Trustee, Weekly Bible Study Teacher, local church Minister of Music, Assistant Pastor; and on October 1, 2017 was appointed Pastor.

Because of his years of professional background in the publishing industry and a keen interest in biblical, spiritual, and personal enhancement he published his first book in July 2013 — Dealing With Anger From A Natural and Spiritual Perspective. The inspiration in writing this book came from a bible class he taught on anger at his local church for almost 2 years. After gathering research, he was impressed to publish a unique approach to dealing with anger.

Stephen Lamonte Bowen currently holds an Associates Degree from Harold Washington Community College, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Roosevelt University.  He is the proud husband for 34 years to Prophetess Shaundra Latrease Bowen and the father of Shaunita Latrease Montout {Carnot}; Sophill Leonell Butler {Alphonus}; and Symphonie Lena.

As God open doors for him, he solicits your prayers for God’s strength and direction.


Prophetess Shaundra Latrease Bowen is save, sanctified & filled with the Holy Ghost & fire. She’s a dedicated and supportive member of New Jerusalem C.O.G.I.C. under the leadership of her husband, Pastor Stephen L. Bowen.  Prophetess Shaundra L. Bowen is a devoted, loving and faithful wife for thirty-four years to Pastor Stephen Lamonte and the proud mother of three daughters: Shaunita Latrease {Carnot Montout}; Sophill Leonell {Alphonso Butler}; and Symphonie Lena Bowen.


Prophetess Shaundra L. Bowen got saved at an old fashion Revival on Friday, July 20, 1977 and filled with the Holy Ghost on Sunday, July 22, 1977, under the leadership of the late Dr. Moses Cross, Sr., Cross Temple COGIC.  She has served and helped many ministries through the gifts that God’s have given her.  She received her Evangelist license in 1995 under the leadership of Pastor J. McCoy, New Covenant Tabernacle Church.  In 2005, the Lord called her up to another level in the ministry as a Prophetess.  Through many hard trials; disappointing situations she can truly said that by the help and grace of God she’s come along way.  On Sunday, October 1, 2017 the Lord has bestowed her with the honor of being the First Lady of New Jerusalem COGIC.


She served as the Pastor’s personal Executive Administrator, Chairperson of the Women’s Department, ardent worker in the Outreach Ministry, Assistant Church Announcer, Coordinator, Intercessor Ministry, Beautification Committee, just to name a few.   Whatever her hands find to do, it’s done with humbleness, joy, and dignity.  Prophetess Shaundra L. Bowen operates in her gift humbly, faithfully and gratefully.  She is a great asset and blessing to the New Jerusalem family and the body of Christ as a whole.


She also serves as the District Purity Chairlady for the Greater South Shore District, under the leadership of Superintendent Pastor Eugene Fears, Jr.; Evangelist Anna M. Kyles, District Missionary and Bishop Cody V. Marshall, Prelate of the Northern Illinois Jurisdiction.


She has inspired and encouraged a lot of people through her ministry.  Her main goal is to please the Lord and allow him to move and have his way in her life.  She continually strives to build the kingdom of God in many God-given inspirational ways.  Her motto is “Pulling down the walls of Satan & Take the KEYS God has given you.”



Saturday | October 21, 2017 @ 10:30am – 12:30pm

Singles Empowerment Session

Pastor Randy Horn
Pastor of Power and Authority Church of Chicago, IL.


Friday & Sunday  | October 20 & 22, 2017

Guest Psalmist

Pastor Joey Merichko
Freedom Church

Pastor Joey Merichko is a Chicago based worship Leader and recording artist. His passions are multi cultural worship, great music and anything Audio! He has worked along side some of CCM’s top artists as a vocalist, musician or audio engineer.   Joey, along with his Wife Rebecca and son Liam are serving as worship pastor at Freedom church in Homewood, Il. and is also in the worship group: Atmosphere Of Heaven.